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Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is the best choice for cost savings, reliability and comfort.

When it comes to heating your home and water, cooking and drying clothes, you have choices! Choose Alagasco. We’re the good heat. Natural gas is:

Cost Effective

  • Most natural gas appliances cost less money to operate than electric appliances.
  • And, Alagasco offers a variety of rebates when you purchase new natural gas appliances.


  • Most natural gas appliances work even when the electricity is out.
  • Since the natural gas system is underground, outages are rare.
  • Natural gas is an abundant, domestically produced fuel you can count on for your family’s energy needs.


  • Natural gas appliances are faster and use less energy than electric appliances.
    • Natural gas dryers use less energy and can dry clothes faster than electric dryers.
    • Natural gas hot water heaters heat water twice as fast as electric water heaters.
    • Natural gas furnaces can last longer than electric heat pumps and deliver heat up to 25° F warmer. (A new high-efficiency natural gas furnace and cooling system can save up to $1,200 a year in operating costs.)
  • 90% of the natural gas that enters the pipeline reaches you, the consumer. Only a mere 10% of the energy is lost in the process.
  • Producing and delivering electricity is 2/3 less efficient. Only 30% of the energy used to generate electricity actually reaches your home. This means 70% of that energy is lost along the way. Part of it is lost while burning energy to create electricity. The rest is lost in the transmission and distribution of the electricity to your home.

Made in the USA/Creates American Jobs

  • Technological advances have unlocked enough natural gas in the U.S. to fuel our nation for generations.
  • Using natural gas reduces the nation’s dependence on foreign oil and creates jobs in the U.S.
  • Natural gas is produced, transported and sold in America by American companies. The natural gas industry supports more than 2.8 million jobs in the U.S.
  • Unlike other energy sources, 85% of all the natural gas consumed domestically is produced in the U.S.


  • In Alabama, natural gas homes produce 50% less carbon emissions than all-electric homes.
  • Choosing natural gas appliances is an easy way to reduce your impact on the environment without sacrificing comfort or style.