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Stop Scams.

Scams always seem obvious after the fact. Unfortunately as temperatures drop, scams targeting heating customers are on the rise. Scam artists use sophisticated tactics to intimidate customers. While we can't prevent scams altogether, we want to empower you to guard your personal information and privacy.

Always remember: You do not have to give out personal information by phone, email or in person. If you find yourself in a suspicious situation, contact your local police department followed by Alagasco Customer Service: 800-292-4008. We'll verify if we tried to contact you.

How to spot a scam

Modern scam artists may:

  • Call you pretending to be an Alagasco representative
  • Threaten to disconnect your natural gas service
  • Demand immediate payment, many times by prepaid debit card
  • Show up at your door pretending to be an employee or contractor to gain access to your home

Common sense tips to avoid a scam:

  • We will never ask for a payment at your home. Do not provide your social security number, debit/credit card number or bank account information to anyone claiming to be a company representative at your home, on the phone or through email.
  • If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be an Alagasco representative asking for payment and you feel unsafe, hang up and call us at 800-292-4008. We'll verify if we tried to contact you.

Someone at your door

  • We'll never show up to your home unannounced. We will always communicate with customers before showing up for work - either by door tag or letters. There is a chance an employee might have to come to your door in an emergency, but in that situation - use common sense. Look for company equipment and be sure to check for a photo I.D. badge.
  • Although we often work with third-party contractors to conduct field business, all contractors are provided with official photo I.D. badges with “Alagasco” clearly marked.

What to do if you think you're being scammed

  • Do not let anyone into your home if you're uncomfortable. Close and lock your door and call your local police department to report the suspicious worker. After that, you may Alagasco customer service and we'll verify if we sent someone to your home: 800-292-4008.
  • You can confirm your account balance anytime - 24/7 - by calling our automated phone payment system or logging in to our online account management system. The best way to prevent a scam is to be cautious. Together, we can fight scams.