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If You Smell Natural Gas

  • Leave your home immediately and call 911 or call Alagasco at 1-800-292-4008 from a neighbor’s home. Do this before notifying property management.
  • As you exit, do not ignite a flame or turn on or off an electrical device (lights, fixed or mobile phones, etc.).
  • Leave the door open as you leave.
  • Do not assume someone else has reported the leak.
  • Do not return until told that it is safe to do so by someone in authority (gas supplier employee, police, fireman, etc.).

Natural gas is a naturally abundant, odorless, colorless gas found deep beneath the earth’s surface. It is considered the cleanest fossil fuel because it produces fewer emissions than other fossil fuels. Before natural gas is delivered to your home or business, an odorant is added to give it a sulfur smell (smells like rotten eggs) to make it easier to detect leaks.

When used properly, natural gas is one of the safest and most reliable forms of energy available. However, as with all forms of energy, improper or careless use of natural gas may cause property damage, personal injury or even death.

At Alagasco, we are committed to delivering natural gas to our customers in the safest manner possible. But you, the customer, must realize that it is your responsibility to properly maintain and safely operate natural gas appliances.

We encourage you to take the time right now to read this section of our website thoroughly. We also advise you to consult the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings that are included with your natural gas appliances for more detailed safety information.

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