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Buy Natural Gas Appliances: Shopping Tips

Know what to look for when shopping for your natural gas appliance.

Selecting the right natural gas appliances for your home can be overwhelming, given all the choices and features. Don’t worry. We’ve created a simple list for you to review and take with you to the store. 

7 things to consider:

  • Size matters. Where’s the appliance going? What is it going to be used for? And how much of it is needed? Whether you are shopping for a natural gas water heater, furnace, stove or dryer, the appliance size you will need depends on the available space and your consumption needs.
  • Selecting the proper size can help you reduce your monthly bill by eliminating unnecessary energy use.

Saving energy, and in turn, saving money is important to all of us. Whether it is an appliance’s Energy Factor (EF), or appliance features, not every appliance is the same and not every appliance will use the same amount of energy. Be sure and compare energy efficiencies:

  • Water heaters compare Energy Factor (EF).
  • Furnaces compare AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).
  • Dryers compare features like moisture sensors.
  • Ranges compare oven insulations.
  • Consider special features to suit your personal preferences and improve your experience.
  • Look for features that make your life easier and more enjoyable.
  • Additional features like moisture sensors on a dryer can help save money in the long run.
Consider the location where your appliance will be housed and the required venting needs.
Compare features and prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal on product, installation, warranties and service support.
  • Compare installation and repair warranties.
  • Ask critical questions, such as:
    • Does the warranty cover equipment and installation? For how long?
    • What is the product availability?
    • Are certain energy efficiency-rated products discontinued?
    • What is a typical cost of service and maintenance?
  • To ensure optimal performance, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and maintenance, including regular inspections.
  • Always obtain estimates from a qualified and reputable contractor.
  • Make sure the contractor you select is licensed and insured.
  • Ask your contractor if he or she installs and services products.
  • Click here to locate a natural gas contractor.